Music that is both beautiful and terrifying

Chinese musicians are known for making music that is simultaneously beautiful and unsettling.

The combination of these two characteristics is what makes them such a powerful instrument.

In this video from the 2016 New York City International Opera Festival, the team at the Beijing Opera Company is trying to break the mold.

It’s a music video called Music that’s both beautiful, unsettling, and horrifying, but with a musical twist that is unique to the region.

In the video, the performers are playing a series of strings in the background of a slow motion montage of the people of China.

These strings are being played with a very high degree of tension, but are incredibly soft and smooth.

The video has a very unique and mesmerizing feeling, one that feels like it could be made by a live orchestra.

The music in this video is composed by the Beijing Orchestra of Contemporary Music, the same team behind the popular opera “The Piano Concerto.”

The Beijing Opera Orchestra is a relatively young orchestra that has been in the industry for several decades.

In 2016, the Beijing Philharmonic was awarded a National Cultural Prize by the China Society of Music and Dramatic Arts, and it has been the home of the Chinese Opera since 2009.

The orchestra has performed a large number of concerts and has been performing since 2002.

In 2017, the organization announced that they had created a new piece for the 2016 Beijing Philonews National Song Day Celebration.

The new piece, called “The Night in the Country,” is a blend of traditional Chinese folk songs and traditional Chinese traditional music.

The song “The night in the country” is a classic Chinese folk song, written by Wang Yi, a renowned scholar and folklorist who died in 2005.

It has been used as a traditional Chinese song for centuries.

In “The Song in the Fields,” Wang Yi tells the story of how he first heard the song when he was about 13 years old.

He wrote this song as a joke.

“I thought it was a joke, but it was really serious,” he said.

“It had a lot of meanings.

There was a lot that was being said about it.”

Wang Yi wrote this piece in honor of the Song in a Fields Festival in Shanghai, which takes place every July.

In 2017, Wang Yi and the Beijing Symphony Orchestra collaborated on a recording of the piece.

The Beijing Philatonos orchestra joined in with the project, which allowed them to recreate the traditional folk song.

Wang Yi said that the performance was “quite a spectacle,” and he hopes the video will inspire people to listen to the song again.

“It’s very emotional and haunting,” he told Engadgets.

“When you’re hearing it, you feel that you’re listening to the soul of this music.”

The video is available for streaming on the Beijing Organ Company YouTube channel, and you can find it in Chinese on the following Chinese music sites:,, youtube .com/yibingyibin, youtube yibing, youtube