India to introduce ‘Hanna’ dentures

New Indian dental instruments will be named after Hindu goddess, sources say.

The new Hindi-language dental instruments names for dental instruments are likely to be revealed this month at a public exhibition at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), officials said.

The names for the new Indian dental products, which are likely be unveiled in two phases, are based on Hindu deities like Ganesh, Vishnu and Bhagavad Gita, according to a statement by the ministry of health.

The Hindu deities are worshipped in many Indian religious and cultural sites, but in the name of the Hindu gods and goddesses, they are often known as Krishna, Shiva, Indra, etc.

The Indian Dental Institute (IDI) has started a programme to develop the names of the dental instruments for the next two years, the statement said.

This comes at a time when the dental hygiene products market in India has become competitive with the Chinese market, with the number of dental products sold on the Indian market now worth nearly $2 billion, according a report by Mint magazine.

This means that the Indian consumers are looking for affordable, affordable, high-quality dental products that are safe, effective and convenient.

The IDI has also proposed that Indian consumers can purchase new dental products from the IISc at a discounted price, according the statement.

The government is also expected to announce in the coming months that the new Hindi dental instruments that are being produced in the next few months will have a design based on the Gandhiji-era mandala that was carved out of the mud at the site of a temple.

According to the Indian Mint report, the mandala, which is also known as the Hindu Mantra, was carved from mud in the late 19th century in a sacred temple in Kerala, India.