Hawaiian instrumental aggression is ‘all about’ instruments, according to a new album

An instrumental album by a Hawaiian band is “all about” the instrumentation, and it is “so powerful, it’s all about the instrument”, the band’s guitarist, Andrew Tung, has said.

The album, titled Hawaiian Instruments, features a diverse range of instrumentation including electric guitars, strings, drums, and the drums of Hawaii, the band says.

“We love playing with different kinds of instruments, and we like to be able to play with them and use them as the vehicle to express ourselves,” Tung said.

“But we also like to play in a different way, and if you’re not able to express yourself that way, it can be very hard to express your ideas.”

The album is part of a series called The Instruments, which chronicles how people have used, used and abused instruments over time.

Tung’s group has released three albums in 2016, all of which were instrumental.

But, the group says, the album has been the most rewarding of the three.

Hawkeye Music has recorded a new instrumental album called Hawakian Instruments that is “totally instrumental”.

The band, which has toured with the band Hawkeye, has a new video for Hawahi Instruments, featuring a variety of instruments.

It features the band playing a live rendition of the album’s title track.

In an interview with ABC Radio Perth, Tung discussed the album, as well as the band working with a different artist for a video.

They’ve had a lot of success with the video, he said.

In the video for the new album, the instrumentals are featured in the background and the band is playing various parts of the song, which is called Puahulu Maalani.

“There are a lot more instrumentals on this album, it seems like they’ve got a lot to say,” he said of the new video.

“It’s a lot different from what we’ve done previously, and a lot new to me.”

The album has a lot, and so many more songs on it.

I think it’s going to be really good for people to get a lot out of it.

“He also said the band wanted to make the album “a little bit more organic and a little bit less controlled” and that he hoped it would make people think a little more about their instrument choices.”

We want people to play it more like it was made for them, and not be afraid of it,” he added.

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