Why I left the church and became an instrumental gospel music musician

I left my religion and my church because I had grown weary of hearing about the church’s hypocrisy, I said.

I started hearing that church members were allowed to play “instrumentals” that didn’t actually belong to them.

When I left, I never really felt like I belonged in the church anymore.

My friend told me she left because she could no longer find “the truth.”

The church has made a big deal out of the fact that the Bible doesn’t say that a man should be “married to a woman” but it does say that “a man should have sex with his wife, or with his neighbor, or whatever.”

I started listening to gospel music and the truth became clear.

The truth is that the church isn’t perfect, but it is a loving, caring, and compassionate place where people are allowed to be who they are.

I have always found the gospel music to be one of the most compassionate and loving of music, and I hope my church is a place where I can be a part of that.