How to create an epic Mexican music video with instruments

A band has spent a month trying to recreate a Mexican folk song that has long been revered by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin.

Key points:The video was made with a mix of local and imported instruments and is set to be broadcast on the BBC’s iPlayerThis is the second time the band has filmed a video for the song, which is sung by a man named Francisco de los Santos de Bocanegra.

Mr de los Santos, who was born in the Andes Mountains, says he is proud to be Mexican.

“I am proud of the country I live in,” he said.

“To make something like this, and to make something that is so culturally significant and culturally important, to make it a documentary, I am very happy.”

It’s a very, very difficult process.

“It is an ambitious project for the group, which has previously produced music videos for pop stars like the Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones, Radiohead and the Beastie Boys.

The band has already created a video and written a score for the film.

It was recorded in Mexico, with the help of a team of filmmakers and musicians.”

We’re trying to capture the spirit of the songs, the rhythm of the music and the atmosphere of the forest,” Mr de los Saros said.

The film was made in partnership with local indigenous people.

The group has also spent time researching the original song, and has a team that has made an interactive website to collect information about the area.”

The people of this area have always been very, much in love with this song,” Mr d’Escud said.

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