Livewire, a Clavinet instrument, turns up at London show

By The New York TimesA musician from California has created a device that plays live music at a London concert venue.

The Clavinett is a small instrument that’s mounted to a metal box.

It plays an instrument, like a violin, and then it’s turned into an instrument.

It’s a project of musician and music producer David Krammer, who recently began playing live music.

Krammer’s idea came to him while listening to the band Blackstar’s song “All The Rage.”

The song has been sampled by the band in the past, but it was the live version that struck Kramler as unique.

“I was listening to Blackstar live,” he said.

“It just sounded so different.

It was so, so different from any other performance that I had ever seen.

So I decided to make it my own.”

The Clavisett consists of a microphone mounted on the top of the instrument, a speaker attached to the back of the box, and a microphone that’s connected to a small computer that can convert the music into digital audio files.

Kramster said he was able to build the device by taking a cheap, but sturdy, laptop, turning it into an amplifier and connecting it to a laptop.

“The laptop is a really inexpensive computer.

It can run a lot of applications, including audio-editing software,” Kramer said.

The laptop’s microphone converts the sound of the clavinet into audio.

The Claviset uses an oscillator that is plugged into a small circuit board and then the amplifier converts the signal to digital.

The software on the computer converts the digital signal to a sound file that can be played back.

“If I just had a computer with a microphone, I could do a lot more,” Krams said.

“A lot of people think that’s kind of cool, but they don’t really understand the process,” he added.

“The way the computer works is it turns on a circuit that goes into the back.

You plug in the microphone and it’s hooked up to a little transistor.

The transistor’s turning a little voltage that’s turning on and off and it then turns a little switch that turns on the audio input.

That’s all it does.”

Kramler said he built the Clavisets by connecting a microprocessor to a microcontroller.

The circuit board that he used to connect the amplifier and the computer is about two inches across.

The amplifier, which is a tiny computer that’s just over four inches across, converts the sounds to digital files.

The clavinett can be powered by a battery, which can be plugged into the box and the amplifier’s voltage is adjusted to match the amount of power that the microphone is providing.

It’s also possible to turn the power off, but that requires a small battery and a power cable that is attached to it.

“There’s no batteries on the box,” Krasmer said.

There’s a button that can turn on and set the volume.

The volume can be adjusted from 1 to 100, and Kramber said it can go from 0 to 100.

He said the Clavinets are currently available for purchase for $129 on Amazon.

The instrument will be available for $29 on Amazon in a limited run.

“It’s like an old school analog synthesizer, which means it can handle very loud sounds and really high volumes,” Kams said.