When I Was an Indian Instrument, I Learned to Love and Hate the Other

I am an Indian instrument.

I was born with this instrument in my blood and my heritage.

My father was a professional musician.

When I was young I learned to love this instrument.

At school, I used to play it.

I played it all the time.

And when I was a kid, I played a lot of instruments, from flute to guitar.

But I was never really able to play them in front of my family.

I remember when I started my music career, I was really interested in being a musician.

So I was very excited about it, but I also knew that I had to learn to love it.

When you learn a language, you learn the same way you learn to play the instruments.

You learn how to do the sounds, the sounds of the instrument.

When my father taught me how to play, I felt like I learned a lot about myself.

It was a really interesting experience for me.

It taught me a lot.

And it also taught me about Indian music.

It also gave me a new passion for this music.

I loved Indian music because I loved playing it, and I wanted to play this instrument to my whole family.

So my passion for Indian music was really deep.

I have been a musician for my whole life.

I am really lucky that I have had that kind of education, that I learned about Indian instruments, and that I really enjoyed it.

And I really enjoy playing instruments.

I like playing them to my family because it is very special.

And because of that, I always have a special feeling for the instruments I am playing.

When we were playing the instruments, we were really enjoying it.

We loved the music.

We were really happy with it.

So when I would listen to these instruments, I would always find a good sound.

It would feel right.

It made me feel very happy and I would play them to a lot more people.

And then I would be very excited when they would play these instruments to me.

When the Indian music community is very passionate about this music, it gives a lot to Indian musicians.

We are very lucky to have the Indian musicians in our music.

And the Indian community is really strong.

We have a lot in common.

We like playing Indian instruments.

So it makes me happy that we have so many musicians who share our love of this music and our love for Indian culture.

I think we have a great connection.

I really like Indian music, I love Indian music and I really appreciate this music because it gives me a sense of belonging to the music, the culture and the people that I love.

I love playing Indian music in front and behind the scenes.

When Indian music is playing, I want to be there.

I want people to be listening to the instruments and hearing the music and then just being there with the instruments in the background.

When a lot people are playing Indian songs, it really helps us.

When music is being played in the music hall or the school, it makes it even more special to me because I feel like I am there with them.

The instruments, the sound, the instruments really have a huge impact on the people.

I feel that music has a huge effect on our lives.

We can be so much happier, because the music has made us feel good.

And now, we can also be able to feel good with the music that we are playing.

So now I am excited to be able play the Indian instruments in front to people who can’t play them, because I want them to feel that I am happy.

So, what is the best thing you could learn from Indian music?

I would say that it is really good that the music is so different.

And there are so many different sounds that the Indian instrument has.

So the instruments are so different, they have a different sound.

So learning how to use them is very important, and learning the instruments is very interesting, because it makes you feel happy.

It makes you happy to be alive, and then you can play the instrument to your whole family, and you feel really happy.

And also, it has helped me grow and grow as a person.

And that is really, really nice.

Thanks for watching, everyone.