Zither family instruments to be sold on eBay in Singapore

The Zither Family Instrument Company has announced that it will be selling instruments on eBay starting on January 1, 2019.

The instruments will include a Zither Series I, II and III, and a Z.E.M. series.

The Zither instruments will be available for $20,000.

The company’s Facebook page notes that the Zither is a “family of instruments that have been in the Z. E.

M Series for decades”.

The Z.A.

M (Zither Series II) is a new and unique model that will be sold for $25,000 in a limited run.

It’s a classic “Z” family instrument that uses a Zewhich design, and features a “double-barrel” pickup.

The P.

A (Z.E., M.E.) family is another classic “family” instrument that features a double-barrelled “C” shaped pickup.

It features a four-string neck with a rosewood fingerboard and neck-string truss rod.

In addition to the Z-series, the Z, S, and M instruments are available for sale in the US and Canada.

As with most of the Z1 family instruments, the P.

M, P.T., and S.T. instruments feature a “D” shaped maple neck.

“These instruments are made from the finest woods available to us, and we believe they are well worth the $20K asking price,” the company says.

While these instruments are still relatively rare, the company’s announcement is a positive sign that eBay is getting serious about the Z’s.

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