When the next Big Bang is here, this video is the thing to watch

The video for the instrumental music to “Till It Happens to You” by The Chainsmokers was a huge hit for the group, and now the Chainsmoker brothers have shared a clip for their upcoming album, “We Don’t Mess Around.”

The video opens with a montage of clips from the group’s first five albums, including the catchy song “Stay With Me” from their third album, the video for their song “Don’t Go Crazy” from the album “All I Wanna Do” and a remix of “Sleeping with the Enemy” from its fourth album, The Chainsmovers are known for their infectious pop songs.

“Till it Happens To You” was written by Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and Jaden Smith and features guest vocals from Snoop Dogg.

Watch it above.