Biwa Instrumentals Instrumental Wedding Songs

Biwa Instruments is a new musical instrument company based in New York City, and they’ve been working on a series of instrumental wedding songs since January.

Their debut project, “Biwa Instrumental Weddings,” is the band’s first full-length album and was recorded in March.

The album features five of the band members singing the songs, along with vocalist/bassist Rufus Taylor, guitarist/vocalist Ravi Bhattacharya, drummer Adam Johnson, and guitarist/keyboardist David Babbitt.

They are also joined by the band, who has worked on a number of their own albums, including their 2012 album “Barely Breathing” and their 2015 album “Wedding Songs.”

Biwa Instruments has previously collaborated with artists like Jay Z, M.I.A., and Alicia Keys, and has released a number in the past.