Japanese violinist’s solo piano concert in Japan’s capital to be broadcast live

An instrumental wedding song will be performed by a young Japanese violinists at the opening ceremony of the new year in Tokyo.

The song, titled Inara, is the result of collaboration between composer Toshihiro Tatsumi and violinist Keiko Mizuhara.

The concert is to be shown live on national broadcaster NHK, and will be broadcast on YouTube on Wednesday.

The programme will feature a number of local musicians, including the popular violinist and guitarist Haruko Fujimoto.

The first concert in December will feature violinist Kiyoshi Saito and pianist Junya Nishizawa, who were both born in Japan.

The violinist will perform the traditional song with the pianist.

Inara is Tatsumasa Nishizawatari’s debut solo piano, which he wrote in 2004 and which he performed with his wife, Takaomi Fujimoto, in Tokyo last year.

The couple also performed together with singer and actress Akiko Nagasawa.

The new programme will also feature the performances of pianist Hiroaki Yoshikawa, violinist Hirokazu Miyashita, composer Toshiyuki Tanaka and pianists Yuji Kawakami and Tetsuya Kudo.