A new album from the British rock band Wind, an instrumental album by the American band Wind is in theaters this month

The wind instruments on this new Wind album are the kind of stuff you might find in a band called the Wind.

You may know it as the quintessential British band, but the Wind has been making music for decades, from their own instrumental album “The Wuthering Heights” to the music of the band’s many collaborators.

The band, founded in 1982, is a small British band that is not only known for its songs about wind instruments, but also for the way they communicate with the world.

“We were always very clear about the idea of the wind instrument,” said drummer/vocalist Ian Wilson.

“Wind instruments are not just instruments you can play.

They are instruments that you can talk about.”

“The wind instrument is not just an instrument you can use to tell stories about a world, but they are instruments you are capable of thinking about and talking about.”

In a way, the Wind was originally a group of young, ambitious young musicians who made their mark on a British music scene where the bands in the group had little room to grow.

“When we were teenagers, we were not in the best place,” said Wilson.

After an early stint in London’s punk scene, they moved to New York to play live, where they formed the Wind and eventually found their way to the UK.

Their debut album, “The Wind,” was released in 1987, and was a smash hit.

“It’s a beautiful album, I really think it’s the best album they’ve ever done,” said singer David Haddad.

“You really feel like you’re in the presence of a living, breathing artist.”

The Wind has released four more albums, including 2011’s “The End,” a collaboration with James Blake.

In 2014, the band released their fifth album, called “A Wind in the Willows,” which is a collaboration between the Wind, The Black Keys, and other musicians.

But even with the success of their first two albums, the winds on “The Willows” didn’t exactly sit well with fans of the Wind who found the songs too heavy.

The Wind, however, has never given up on their goal of making music that captures the spirit of the people who make it.

“As a band, we always wanted to do more than just be an instrument,” Wilson said.

“What we’ve always tried to do is to try to find a way to be able to really express our emotions and our inner lives through the instrument, and that’s what we’ve tried to achieve with this album.”

With “The Winds,” the Wind have managed to do just that, and it is a big deal for the British music world.

The album has gone platinum in the UK, and the album is available for streaming on Spotify.

The song “A Breath of the Wild” has also become a Top 10 hit in the US.

“The winds on ‘The Winds’ are the best in the world,” said Haddid.

“This is a great record.”